Start a business with $500 Like Ming!

Ming is a hair mogul! It is great when you hear a great talk about her business and how she literally started from the bottom with…. $500! $500! I mean we SPEND that on expensive hair bundles, so could you imagine starting a business and changing your whole lifestyle with that? Amazing. Way to go girl!

This excerpt was taken from  Click here to subscribe to Ming’s YouTube channel where she keeps goodies inspirational stories, to the latest info on her hair brand snoblife and more!

Real Estate Wealth Expo: Helping or Hoodwinking?


I had the pleasure of seeing a host of celebrity speakers this Sunday in Chicagoland. Millionaires and billionaires of various fields,  some I never even heard of.  Before the event I recall telling a few people about it only to get told it’d be a scam and that they just want to sell you things. Fortunately my bank account determined all I was buying was a ticket, so I wouldn’t be at a particular loss. Then I got to thinking about how I am always seeking positivity and motivation via books, seminars, and videos to get me going through my projects, yet here I am the rich aunt who is STILL without her millions and growing booklist of self-help books wondering, does-self help really help? What qualifies as self-investment? read more

Stomping with Big Dogs as a Poodle: My Experience Working in Male-Dominated Offices

My first corporate party! #LIT

From being an Econ major at Mizzou to my various corporate career experiences, it seems I’ve ALWAYS been the only female representation my age in some fields and it has been quite an experience. Working with a lot of guys is certainly a different office flow than those of more female-dominated work genres like nursing, social work, or beauty. It’s no secret we are from Venus and men Mars, meaning we just have a different way of going about things. And as a STRONG cultural feminist, working with a bunch of Martians can get overwhelming when your thought process doesn’t align with their simple ( and sometimes vulgar) ways. So how does a smart career woman do it? How do we stand strong, yet remain feminine? Well, we learn and we adapt. Allow me to share some key things:  read more

Travel? How can you afford that?

One important thing to the millennial mind is TRAVEL and to everyone I speak to it seems to be something we are growing more and more to love and need. There’s always that myth of it being too expensive and people want to know how to do it. So as a girl who loves to hit the road I definitely accrued some big tips and tricks on how to save. read more

Rags to Riches: Katrina Walker

I love inspiring stories like this. Sometimes you need some extra to get you through your day, here’s a little motivation.


Your Rich Aunt.


Ginie Sayles Walks us Through her Road to Rich Aquaintences

So Since this IS the Rich Aunt blog, you know I’m about luxurious things. But most of all I’m BOUT MY BIDNESS! And any business is out to make a profit! So say you’re like me and used to a more humble beginnings? Remember when I said, you have to change your mindset about rich in order to obtain it? read more

Greetings from a Rich Aunt!

Just a few months into my move back home I received word that my life was going to change! I, the eldest of three, at the tender of age of young and dumb (23 going on 24) was becoming an aunt! I was so emotional at the thought of becoming an aunt, except for the frightening realization that my life was not together at all. I always saw myself as the “rich aunt”. The one who gave the kids savings bonds for Christmas and new laptops for back to school. Someone who could write a check for all the boxes of girl scout cookies that would get my niece a badge, or buy all the pasta for the fundraiser to be catered to my nephew’s football team. And yet, here I was freshly fired from a temp-to-hire job with a baby shower to host that led me to all sorts of odd jobs to fund. I was BROKE! read more