The Rich Aunt Youtube is Finally Here!

The Rich Aunt has officially launched a youtube! Aunt B Ellesse tells you what is in store on the blog and more info on herself and what the blogs purpose is. Like Subscribe and stay tuned!

When a Chicago Southsider Goes North

I needed a drastic change, so I took the plunge of moving from the Southside (Chatham) to the Northside in March. Boy, do I now have mixed feelings about it. Originally I was hanging out a lot further north and I thought I got acclimated to it. But finally moving up to the away I realized the Northside life carries a very different culture and vibe.
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10 Reasons it is Great Being an Auntie

I am officially 2 years experienced in being an aunt! Woohoo! My niece and nephew just celebrated their birthdays this month as a joint affair , as they are 11 months apart (conveniently placed or what?). This was a great reflective time for me to think and appreciate all the things I’ve learned on their short period on this earth. I’ll give you ten reasons it’s kind of awesome being an aunt, let alone The Rich Aunt, you know single and traveling and things… read more

Dispose of Those Old Financial Documents

Somewhere between sentimental and hoarding, lots of us have papers wasting away in our file cabinets, random folders, books, or my personal favorite shoeboxes! If you are anything like me it has been going strong that way for years. So now you have piles of roach feed called financial documents building up and you are wondering what the heck do I need to keep and what needs to go? I thought I would make it a little simpler for you with this information. read more

Cruising the Cayman with The Goal Group

Traveling with a dynamic group of women who could possibly be members of your tribe, sounds like a dream. That’s exactly what I did when when I joined The Goal Group’s trip to cruise to the Grand Cayman/Jamaica. I originally heard about this trip via the instagram of Baje Fletcher (@missbaje) who is an author and life coach. I decided I needed a vacation, to and to see Jamaica so I was all in! read more

Book Review: Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is more than just a book, it’s a concept spoken highly of from various successful sources and something the aspiring in my opinion NEED to know. The actual Law of Attraction concept can be defined as “speaking things into existence” or the idea that people can attract the things they desire based on their own state of being. Being a self-acclaimed “feeler” and energy queen, I naturally had to read Michael J. Losier’s book with various tools and gems for success and give an opinion on such.
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Bye-Bye Quarter Life Crisis? Thoughts on Age at 26.

How cute are we at Oakbrook Polo Grounds? Check out my friend Saras blog

Over my birthday, I was chatting with my friend about how we used to feel about the age of 25 when we were 18. It seems we had a lot of thoughts in common back then. We set these goals back then to be in careers we loved, places we loved, and with people we loved. We used to look at the age of 25 when we were 18 and think, “Oh gosh that’s old”. We used to look at 25 year old men and say, “Way too old for me!”, and now we are looking at 25-year-old men like “Way to immature”. This conversation became the realization of how vicious age misconception is to us young women. I couldn’t quite put my finger on whether I was really “old”? What is a realistic timeline for the things I desire? Suddenly I realized a few things about myself at this age. read more

Start a business with $500 Like Ming!

Ming is a hair mogul! It is great when you hear a great talk about her business and how she literally started from the bottom with…. $500! $500! I mean we SPEND that on expensive hair bundles, so could you imagine starting a business and changing your whole lifestyle with that? Amazing. Way to go girl!

This excerpt was taken from  Click here to subscribe to Ming’s YouTube channel where she keeps goodies inspirational stories, to the latest info on her hair brand snoblife and more!

Real Estate Wealth Expo: Helping or Hoodwinking?


I had the pleasure of seeing a host of celebrity speakers this Sunday in Chicagoland. Millionaires and billionaires of various fields,  some I never even heard of.  Before the event I recall telling a few people about it only to get told it’d be a scam and that they just want to sell you things. Fortunately my bank account determined all I was buying was a ticket, so I wouldn’t be at a particular loss. Then I got to thinking about how I am always seeking positivity and motivation via books, seminars, and videos to get me going through my projects, yet here I am the rich aunt who is STILL without her millions and growing booklist of self-help books wondering, does-self help really help? What qualifies as self-investment? read more