If you want to know the honest truth, I am just a girl trying to make it while keeping her soul in tact. I’ve wanted big things for myself since I was a child and just started setting goals and knocking them out the park as an adult because having a little niece and nephew have inspired me to do better, quicker! I’m hoping that sharing my story and finds leads to you doing the same. Also, I love hearing funny stories about other young people in my boat with things to share. In the meantime,  let me give you a run down on some of the important things that make me, me!


1. I graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia in May of 2014.

A fifth- year senior I changed my major five times trying to find myself. Quickly figured out the way our school system is set up in accordance with life, it’s not really the place to “find yourself”. Long story short adultlescence is a big b****. My emphasis in school was ECONOMICS, and Business Marketing in Management, although my degree is technically, Interdisciplinary Studies (The make your own major for people just trying to get out).


2. I’m a third-generation Chicagoan.

My mom and pop were born here, my grandma is from here, so I guess you can say our loyalty and love for the land is pretty serious. Although I was raised mostly in the southwest suburbs, I was born in the south side where I returned after graduation.

3. Food is my passion, Beauty is my hobby.

It’s not a good time without good food when it comes to me, I’ve been having a merry time instagramming my food and reviewing restaurants since college. You can follow that insta here. Other than where and what to eat I’m most commonly asked about beauty products as not too long ago I took the entrepreneurial route of becoming a freelance Makeup Artist, even landing a popular gig at a shop in the south side where I did the faces of many locals and local celebs. It was a great experience until I landed my corporate career now in the midst of dream chasing to become the financially rich aunt that matches how I feel on the inside.


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