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Well I’m glad you asked,  there’s plenty!

Book Review: Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is more than just a book, it’s a concept spoken highly of from various successful sources and something the aspiring in my opinion NEED to know. The actual Law of Attraction concept can be defined as “speaking things into existence” or the idea that people can attract the things they desire based on their own state of being. Being a self-acclaimed “feeler” and energy queen, I naturally had to read Michael J. Losier’s book with various tools and gems for success and give an opinion on such.


Ginie Sayles Walks us Through her Road to Rich Aquaintences

So Since this IS the Rich Aunt blog, you know I’m about luxurious things. But most of all I’m BOUT MY BIDNESS! And any business is out to make a profit! So say you’re like me and used to a more humble beginnings? Remember when I said, you have to change your mindset about rich in order to obtain it?