Ginie Sayles Walks us Through her Road to Rich Aquaintences

So Since this IS the Rich Aunt blog, you know I’m about luxurious things. But most of all I’m BOUT MY BIDNESS! And any business is out to make a profit! So say you’re like me and used to a more humble beginnings? Remember when I said, you have to change your mindset about rich in order to obtain it? read more

Greetings from a Rich Aunt!

Just a few months into my move back home I received word that my life was going to change! I, the eldest of three, at the tender of age of young and dumb (23 going on 24) was becoming an aunt! I was so emotional at the thought of becoming an aunt, except for the frightening realization that my life was not together at all. I always saw myself as the “rich aunt”. The one who gave the kids savings bonds for Christmas and new laptops for back to school. Someone who could write a check for all the boxes of girl scout cookies that would get my niece a badge, or buy all the pasta for the fundraiser to be catered to my nephew’s football team. And yet, here I was freshly fired from a temp-to-hire job with a baby shower to host that led me to all sorts of odd jobs to fund. I was BROKE! read more