Conquering My Networking Fear for Success

I was scared. I will admit, it was another day at work and today’s excuse was that I was tired (basic, I know). I will admit that networking events give me anxiety. I am an introvert and I gain energy in my solitude, while being around people doesn’t exactly drain me but the effort I have to put authenticity in making connections certainly does. So networking is not what I call my strong suit. Yet, no businessperson is going to make it without this vital factor so I had to put my big girl panties on and get it done regardless of that lame, “tired” excuse.

At this Network & Social Event, I met Bianca! A bubbly personality and representative for a company by the name of tape play that markets itself as the Uber of videography. Perfect for a budding blogger like myself who would like to have other people record while I go out on my ventures so that I may edit my footage later to my liking, without the hassle of all that physical learning the camera stuff. Then it dawned on me that I conquered my fears and excuses and the results led to me making a connection that actually will be beneficial to my future endeavors! How awesome is that? But there’s more..

So after connecting with Bianca she invited me to another networking event, this one being the Fear Paradox Women’s Summit. This three day event led me to meeting another blogger, Jess Williams of Tech Biz Girl who I shared a great conversation with about my endeavors and actually proves to be a decent accountability coach! Amongst several awesome parts of the event, I heard the baffling story of a Tara Tate, a daredevil of a woman who nearly lost her life extreme skateboarding! Hearing her story of literally being presumed for dead to the point of her body being outlined in chalk, I had a revelation. If people could nearly die, survive, and STILL get up to do what they love to do and inspire others with their passion, who was I not to follow mine?

Every success story has fear in it. It is conquering the fear of the unknown that manifests success. No matter how big or little you feel your success is, it required that you to conquer something that you were intimidated by.

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