10 Reasons it is Great Being an Auntie

I am officially 2 years experienced in being an aunt! Woohoo! My niece and nephew just celebrated their birthdays this month as a joint affair , as they are 11 months apart (conveniently placed or what?). This was a great reflective time for me to think and appreciate all the things I’ve learned on their short period on this earth. I’ll give you ten reasons it’s kind of awesome being an aunt, let alone The Rich Aunt, you know single and traveling and things…

10. You are an aunt of something SO CUTE!

Exhibit A & B, I rest my case.

9. They get even cuter because you get to dress them up !!!

I absolutely love baby shopping! All the “I love my Aunt” onesies and sports fits and sleepers keep draining holes in my pocket, but it is worth it to see them looking good!

8. You get a new appreciation for nap time.

Being a new aunt watching my newborn niece was an eye opener. There was a lot of crying and feeding and diaper changing. Not to mention the sheer fear that keeps you watching them even when they are sleep. Eventually you learn to nap on their schedule, because otherwise you will get NO sleep. As they got older, the naps became more of a thing, because these toddler babies are energizer bunnies! If I could run like my niece an nephew, I wouldn’t need coffee, believe me.

7. You always have someone to talk to.

Babies are always watching and observing and love the company and affection of loved ones. This is the unconditional women a lot of baby-fever-havers speak about. You will always have someone cooing onto your every word as long as they are well fed and feeling well. I’m also learning to expect random facetime calls from my niece as she begins to talk and play with electronic devices. It is a blast!

6. With a niece or nephew you will never be without an eating buddy, and they usually aren’t too picky.

Babies make great restauraunt companions, IF they are not crabby. My niece and nephew’s favorite dishes are usually wahtever they pick off my plate though.


Babies will keep you on your toes! They are always getting into something, usually trouble. This forces your reflexes to be on major alert. But also the laughter of children is simply ridiculous. I love being around them and playing games or watching mickey mouse, you never know what it will lead to.

4. You get to see their personalities develop right before your eyes!

Every child is different, some are brave some are timid. But universally they all love to laugh and giggle. Enjoy the ride!

3. You learn to TEACH, and lead by example, because there is always someone to teach something to.

2. Did I mention cuddling babies is AMAZING!

So warm and huggable 24/7, get it in while they are young because when the toddler phase kicks in they are going to do a lot of running!

1. You get to see something grow literally before your eyes!

I’ve seen them fresh out of the womb, to walking and talking and it has truly been a beloved experience. I can’t wait to see what they turn out to be as they get older. I’m quite sure they will be SOX fans like their auntie though. 🙂

I came up with 10 reasons, but look at these faces. I could probably go on infinitely. I just LOVE them. Happy 2 and 1 to my beautiful niece and nephew. That I love dearly.

-Aunt BB

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