Book Review: Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is more than just a book, it’s a concept spoken highly of from various successful sources and something the aspiring in my opinion NEED to know. The actual Law of Attraction concept can be defined as “speaking things into existence” or the idea that people can attract the things they desire based on their own state of being. Being a self-acclaimed “feeler” and energy queen, I naturally had to read Michael J. Losier’s book with various tools and gems for success and give an opinion on such.

Upon reading, I found The Law of Attraction drops some major jewels and even exercises that you may apply to your life in order to understand the psychological concept of changing your energy and retaining it as well as things that may alter such. This book aims to be a guide to help you identify your desire, focus your attention on it and then ultimately allow it to happen. It further goes into details on methods of keeping your energy up and offers more resources on similar concepts in psychology, even listing other references and resources for you.

To me this book simplifies a concept in my mind, I already knew very much so existed but it clearly illustrates (like the example of the Allowing game with marbles and sticks: SPOILER ALERT) how we allow doubts to enter our mind and in turn throw off the positive outcomes we desire. I believe the thorough simplicity that the book was written with makes this psychological concept an easy read for the student, worker, aunt, or mom alike and is applicable to anyone who wants a more desirable life no matter where they currently are. As a self-help, entrepreneurial book lover, I certainly enjoyed this read so if you click on the book link and check it out, or have read it already do share a comment.

Happy Rich Aunting ☺

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