Bye-Bye Quarter Life Crisis? Thoughts on Age at 26.

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Over my birthday, I was chatting with my friend about how we used to feel about the age of 25 when we were 18. It seems we had a lot of thoughts in common back then. We set these goals back then to be in careers we loved, places we loved, and with people we loved. We used to look at the age of 25 when we were 18 and think, “Oh gosh that’s old”. We used to look at 25 year old men and say, “Way too old for me!”, and now we are looking at 25-year-old men like “Way to immature”. This conversation became the realization of how vicious age misconception is to us young women. I couldn’t quite put my finger on whether I was really “old”? What is a realistic timeline for the things I desire? Suddenly I realized a few things about myself at this age.

At 26 you are still growing.

Turns out, there’s still a few things I don’t know. Still some things I am finding about myself and goals I’m working on.
Who knew? I at 26 am not the person I used to be at 21, and definitely not 18. I won’t be the same person when I have a child and get married that I was when I was trying to graduate from University. This is life, this is the norm. The goal is to let it happen, embrace age, life, and all the changes that come with it.

You are the only one the can put limitations on you.

The days of mom and dad telling you what time to cut the lights out for school in the morning, should be long gone for you at this point and so should the mentality of other’s limitations (aside from those vacation days your jobs gives you ugh).

I know it is hard in the instagram age to not compare yourself to others and their photographed successes. Grad school, engagements, children, whatever you deem that to be. But as hard as it is, do not let anyone limit you on what your life needs to be. You do not have to be married with children at 25, nor in the career of your dreams. At best you have a life goal in your mind to work on but until then work on finding it. No one can live your life but you, so keep that in mind when you are attempting to skip to someone else’s beat.

Let go and let live

The best thing about a new age is, something is new. As a new 26-year-old I am letting go of my past and building my future as a (still) young woman and this is a beautiful thing. Too often women frenzy about becoming old and I’d rather focus on still having my health and becoming wiser, more experienced, and embracing the journey that is life to be continued. Why stress over all those expectations you had of your 25-year-old self when you can be setting goals for the new you?

I still don’t have all the answers, but I think in this case that means I am still living. What are some of your thoughts on age 26?

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