Travel? How can you afford that?

One important thing to the millennial mind is TRAVEL and to everyone I speak to it seems to be something we are growing more and more to love and need. There’s always that myth of it being too expensive and people want to know how to do it. So as a girl who loves to hit the road I definitely accrued some big tips and tricks on how to save.

1.Check for tickets in advance, and check and check again. 

When you are even just thinking about travel start checking those prices! They fluctuate a lot. Apparently it’s best to book about 6-weeks in advance and the earlier the flight is (4 am UGH) the cheaper it’ll probably be. People always use sites like but if you’re flying a low-priced airline your best bet is going to the site itself and just constantly checking it.  Also if you have the time on your hands, the cheapest airline out now is Spirit. Save $20.00 and go to the airport to buy your ticket. Maybe it’s not a life saver, but it definitely is a money saver.

2. Buddy Up! 

Don’t be afraid to use those connections to save money on transportation! If you have a friend or family member you can buddy pass with you should! Flying on standby can be an inconvenience over the peak travel times when planes are packed! But boy the money you can save will make it worth it!

3. Consider other methods of flight. 

If you can bear sitting a few hours. Taking the megabus or greyhound bus for a state or to over might save you the hassle booking a train or plane might. I can recall catching a megabus deal all the way from Chicago to Columbia, MO for $3!

4. Pack your own snacks when possible. 

Save your money for the meals that count! Why pay the extra tax for that McDonalds burger in Times Square, nothing is fancy about it but the lights there, sweetie. I would suggest planning ahead with some dry snacks for your travel, which I know is much easier on other methods of travel that aren’t a plane. If you are traveling by plane and can’t bring your delicacies in the carry all with you, go to  the nearest grocer when you get off the plane and stock that hotel fridge. If you are going to splurge make it on a good meal at least and be healthier with a thicker wallet by leaving the other meals to something you can make by hand yourself. Be sure to check out @ibeeating on instagram for the good US eats coast to coats by the way (shameless plug lol).

5. Learn how to pack. 

So simple but so necessary. I used to be that girl with a bag too many, which is cool until you have to pay those luggage fees. When you learn how long you will be traveling try to pack an outfit for every day of the trip. Including your undies (and makeup / colors for those that like to switch it up A LOT ). Have a bag of toiletries ad actually pack them in travel size containers that you can buy at any cosmetic, or convenience store cheaply. These little things save you so much space and time so you can focus on the adventure ahead. But you will definitely be thanking me when you don’t have an overweight bag fee.


See, traveling is so easy I can do it! Feel free to share any tips you have below!

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